July wrap up 2021| I read 15 Books | One of the book will be a movie?!

This month was pretty good too, looks like in summer I am able to read more books which is so cool, but actually I had enough of the hot weather (and it’s weird because i LOVE summer, but year by year I just can’t wait for autumn and the more fresh, cooler weather). So I am preparing in my soul already for fall, for the hygge vibes, sweaters, and colorful trees!
This month also I got approved for 2 books from NetGalley, so I’m gonna show them first. 🙂

1. 56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard ⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5/5

I was so happy when I got approved for the e-arc of this on Netgalley, as I heard nothing but good about this book.
I would never thought that I would read a book about the pandemic, I felt it was enough to live in it. But the hype got to me, I got interested. And I was not disappointed.
I liked the realness of it and the details about the unknown when it all started, the questions and how we suppose to continue with our life and like how it all happened in real life. But it was not overwhelmingly done, didn’t take the attention from the plot. The writing style was interesting with jumping time lines from character to character, it kept me on edge and I wanted to know what happened. It makes you think, what would you do in their situation? When you just met another person after long time who you are happy with, but a global pandemic begins with a lockdown and against all the red flags, you move together and starting to question yourself if it was a good idea…
So this book really surprised me in a good way!
There’s some plot twists but didn’t felt so huge because as we follow the characters they show us what they do and why, so I was a little bit missing the “ Big Boom Moment” when turns out what happened, but its because of the jumping between times, so it couldn’t build up so much if that makes sense.
It was still interesting and exciting read, I really enjoyed it.

2. The Bone Way by Holly J. Underhill ⭐⭐⭐3/5

This was the second book from Netgalley, and it was a nice, fast read. I love retellings, and this was like a retelling of Eurydice and Orpheus’ tale, although I am not so familiar with that story, maybe I have to learn more about them to understand better this book.
I noticed that I’m drifting away from YA nowadays, and I need more/something else to grab my attention. I like that this was a bit different from these days Young Adult books, not as long and heavy, not the same cliché as always, and that it was a female/female relationship. It had a different vibe, that I liked. The cover is also beautiful, well done!

3. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5/5

This was one of my most anticipated books this year (it came out last year in 2020 April 7th but I just bought it a few months ago), so I was very excited to read it! The first half of the book felt more lighthearted and funny, the second get more gory and serious, although its not a big problem for me, but honestly I thought the whole book will be lighter and funnier like in the beginning, and not so horror-ish. It had Desperate Housewives vibes, but of course with more horrifying things which I liked. So enjoyed it nonetheless, I did not had problem with the gross parts, though I feel similar to other comments on Goodreads about the husbands… the sexism and misogyny in this book is very real, its always there and it makes me so angry. But I guess it’s one of the point of the book, and since the story is set in the 90’s, back then this was the “normal”. But they are just so annoying, as they talked to their wives so disrespectful, like they know nothing and worth nothing, meanwhile they are doing who knows what on their little trips with other woman…I just wanted to punch their faces so bad.
This is my second book from Grady Hendrix, and I think he handles words very well, his writing is very steady, keeps your interest when you read his books. I enjoyed this very much and looking forward to read his other ones, but that half star had to come off from the rating.

4. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee ⭐⭐⭐3.5/5

This was better, funnier and cuter than I thought it will be, with LGBTQ representation. I had Bridgerton vibes when I listened to the audiobook. It set in the 1700’s but it had very youthful language, it was fast paced and enjoyable read. Henry “Monty’s” life is filled with gambling, alcohol, late nights spent with women or men, and Henry’s father’s disapproval, until Monty embarks on his Grand Tour of Europe. The adventure threaten his life filled with pleasure and vice, and maybe coming to an end, as his father expect him to take over the family’s estate when he returns.

5. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5/5

This book was EVERYTHING. Amaze!! ( If you read the book you know why i wrote like this :D!) I usually don’t like to read Sci-fi, (only to watch them as a movie, so I was very happy when I get to listen to it as an audiobook), but I fell in love with this one. Ray Porter had done a great job narrating it, it was a really amazing experience. I was hooked from page one until the end. It was so interesting, exciting and hilarious! That, I did not expect it. I loved the characters, they are funny and heartwarming, and although I am not a science genius, so I did not understand every technical and chemical elements of the story, it was very much enjoyable! Its my new favorite Sci-fi book!

Apparently it is so good, that they are already working on the movie, and unlike in the Martian, Andy Weir the author can take a part in the making of the movie. Good good good! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it, Im so curious how they will make the alien in it!!!

6. Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo ⭐⭐2/5

It’s a NOPE from me. I tried. I realllly tried. On e-book and on audio. I had to DNF it, otherwise I would get into a reading slump. I had so much hope for this book, but I guess it’s just not for me. As I listened to the Audiobook, I was noticing that I just wander away, not concentrating on the book, it was so boring, it’s just didn’t do it for me. Maybe, one day I’ll pick it up and try again…

7. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo ⭐⭐⭐⭐4/5

And if we are at Leigh Bardugo… I read the first book from Shadow and Bone Trilogy too.
I watched the Netflix series first, then i thought, okay, time to read it! I think that I watched the movie first helped a lot to imagine the world and the characters, and I really liked the book. Maybe I should watch every YA fantasy first in movie form… and then read them?😅 I think I would enjoy them more… 😀

8. House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas ⭐⭐2/5

Unfortunately I DNF-ed another Sarah J Maas book, so I guess I just have to accept that her books are just not for me, or I just wasn’t in a right head space for this. I can see why a lot of people love it, I wanted to love it too, but it’s not the case unfortunately. :/

9. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern ⭐⭐2/5

Another DNF at 50%… ughh, I wanted to love it so hard but I just can’t! Its so atmospheric, but the writing is just not for me, and i find it boring. There was barely plot and story, I wandered away a lot of times while listening the audio book, and I just did not cared for the characters. I don’t know if the hype is too big around this, or I am not the type of person this was written for, who can enjoy it.

10. Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi ⭐⭐2/5

This was no different, 2 stars again but at least I did not DNF-ed it. This was…meh. This supposed to be a dystopian YA romantica, but I did not felt much dystopian element, and I think it’s too young to say YA, I felt it was a bit childish. The whole book was basically about the girl who can’t touch anybody because her touch kills, so they locked her up. Almost after 1 year she gets out, fell in love, whining a lot and the boy tells her how beautiful she is every five minutes (even that she was locked away, underfed and she did not even saw herself in a mirror for years). It was boring, I did not cared for the characters, and I won’t continue with this series.

11. Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer ⭐⭐⭐⭐3.8/5

I loved this book so much but also I have bittersweet feelings about it. I liked the movie back then with Natalie Portman, and nowadays I started to see this book on more Booktuber’s recommendation, so I thought okay, let’s give it a go.

I really love the physical cover and end-pages with it’s beautiful green foil and designs, and although it’s short, only 195 pages, it was a bit hard to get through it. It felt longer. I really liked it, it is very unique, interesting book, unlike anything I ever read, but sometimes it is heavy, depressing, boring even…but still, somehow it manages to keep your interest, and it kept me going. I can see why people don’t tend to like it, but…I can’t explain why, even with the 3.8 star rating, i really liked it. I definitely will continue with the second book, Authority which I already bought, because I want to know what happens after this! It was very different from the movie, so I am curious if they built in it anything that is from the second book.

12. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert ⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5/5

This book came into my life at the perfect time.
As graphic designer and creative person many times I feel like all of the things Elizabeth wrote in this book. I am sometimes flowing very high, sometimes dragging myself very low. And this gave me so much inspiration, motivation, comfort, and help. It made me feel understood. This is my Creatvie Bible. I annotated the sh*t out of this book!

I understand if some people don’t like it so much, yes there is a lot of cheesiness and name dropping and example, but me personally I enjoyed to hear their stories and learn from them.
I recommend this for everybody, because every human have some kind of creativeness inside them in their own way, even if they are not writers/illustrators/musicians/dancers/actors/etc.

This is a great book to understand yourself. It’s about life and what you make of it.

And let’s continue with some graphic novels, that I was very excited for, but unfortunately I had too high expectations for them…

13. Snotgirl vol.1: Green Hair don’t care by Bryan Lee O’Malley, Leslie Hung and Mickey Quinn ⭐⭐⭐3/5

I have very strong allergies and when I heard about this graphic novel, I thought I need this in my life. I never read something where we are represented, especially where is the main character suffers from allergies, so I was intrigued. 🙂
Well, this was very different than what I expected… the artwork and colors are amazing, but the story is disappointing, feels like we need to read the next volumes to really understand the plot, which makes it not so desirable anymore for me, it was a bit weird nonsense, like whats the point of the story? It takes a huge turn from what I thought how it will go, it’s confusing, it feels like it’s for teenagers. And the allergy part of the story feels like it’s not even there, I thought it will take a bigger part of the story, but what can I expect when there’s barely even a plot going on… :/ 

14. Monstress vol.1 by Marjoire Liu ⭐⭐⭐3/5

Here’s the thing. I really love and appreciate the art style in this, its simply amazing, detailed, very unique. But the story is kind of hard to follow and its confusing at times. I enjoyed the exciting parts, and at the end we had more insight to the things, but I don’t think I will continue this series.

15. The Wicked + The Divine vol.1: The Faust Act by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson, Clayton Cowles ⭐⭐⭐3/5

I heard so much about this graphic novel series, so I had to read the first volume. The art is beautiful, and I would love the story and the plot, (12 Gods coming back every ninety years to live for two years, doing awesome things, I mean COME ON it sounds so cool!), but unfortunately this first volume felt very undeveloped and it was confusing at times. I really hope it will develop in the next books because I am really interested in this graphic novel series, would love to continue.

This was a successful month with 15 books, and I think it will be even better in autumn, because there will be a reason to read; under a cozy blanket, with a mug of hot tea or coffee next to a scented candle. 🙂