About Me

Hey there!

I am Niki, the blogger of Beautripful. I’m from Hungary but I have been living in Madrid, Spain for 4 years now.

Beautripful born from the love of conscious skincare and the passion of travelling. All in my life i was struggling with eczema and acne (thanks for my PCOS), and i felt the need to create space for people with skin problems so maybe my blog can help them to know which ingredients and products they can use for their own skin type. And I wanted to share my experience with my travels too, but now because of Covid I can’t write about that. So I changed the whole blog!

As you can see on some of the posts, the blog started in my original language, Hungarian, but as the blog (and I) evolved, i decided to change it to English to be available for more people around the world. I also wanted it more diverse, I wanted to write about books as I am a huge bookworm, and doing unboxings that is not only skincare, but bookish boxes like Fairy Loot, Owlcrate, etc. And, I launched my Etsy shop the beginning of 2021 so from now on you will see posts about books and Etsy updates too!

Thank you for checking in, I hope you’ll enjoy the blog! <3


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