Sarah J. Maas’ new Crescent City book House of Sky and Breath is available for pre-order

Sarah J. Maas fans, there’s a name and a date of the new Crescent City book!

The title is House of Sky and Breath and it will be available from 2022. January 25. Although it is already available for pre-order! Looks like the book will have a blue cover, (but we have to wait for the final cover reveal) and as a blue lover myself, I think I will love it even more than the red cover on the first book. It did not even came out yet but some people already started rating it as 4 and 5 stars on Goodreads haha! What is it if not true fandom?

You can pre-order it here:

Book Depository





The first book of the Crescent City series: House of Earth and Blood

I admit it, i wanted to read the first novel, House of Earth and Blood so long time ago, but as I know myself, I like to read a series in one sitting and I don’t like to wait years for the sequel, I wanted to read the first book when the second comes out so that if I’m loving it, I can just continue right away. If it makes any sense. But I have a feeling I will not wait until next year because…well, it’s next year. For sure I will pick it up this year, maybe around summer or autumn time, and then I don’t have to wait too much to continue! 🙂